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Dive Spots

Dive site: Elephant cave (north side)

Depth: 1m-9m
Visibility: night dive
Access: boat dive
Level: Open Water +
Description: This Majestic cave is probably the best dive site Crete has to offer. Explore the fossils of an elephant in a submerged cavern in Crete with 2 magnificent domes. Admire unique formations of stalactites and stalagmites.

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Dive site: Skinaria (south side)

Depth: 0m-33m
Visibility: 30m
Access: Shore dive
Level: Beginners +
Description: Shinaria beach is located 33km south of Rethymno town, in the wider area of Plakias.
This wonderful sandy beach features a rocky seabed small swim through caves and crystal clear waters.
Experienced divers make wall dives along the drop-off on the left edge and a impressive swim through cave dive along just around the right corner.

Dive site: Walls of Geo (north side)

Depth: 4m- 37m
Visibility: 30m
Access: boat dive
Level: Open Water +
Description: A breath taking sharp wall going vertically down to 37m.
The blue of these waters is a clear electric shade that seems endless when you stare straight down. The Great Wall itself is an eye-widening 30-metre underwater cliff that’s teeming downwards.

Damnoni diving Old harbour

Dive site: Damnoni Old Harbour (south side)

Depth: 0m- 40m  
Visibility: 30m
Access: Shore dive  
Level: Scuba diver+  
Description: Typical Mediterranean Reef. The great visibility combined with the dramatic formations of the boulders creates an amazing terrain for a relaxing dive.

Dive site: Empros yialo (north side)

Depth: 5m-24m  
Visibility: 25m
Access: boat dive
Level: Scuba Diver+
Description: Beautiful wall slide with swim through rock formations.

Diving Georgioupolis

Dive site: Georgioupoli- Kalivaki beach (north side)

Depth: 0-15m
Visibility: 20m
Access: shore dive
Level: Beginners +
Description: Ruins of an old venetian harbour. Sandy shore waters,  pretty oceanography with plenty small marine life to admire. Perfect conditions for our beginner divers.

Dive site: Drepano (north side)

Depth: 5m-36m
Access: boat dive
Level: Scuba diver +
Description: Huge boulders, a few old anchors can be found in the deeper parts of the dive site. Clear waters, pretty oceanography with plenty small marine life to be admired. 

seahorse night diving Bali Crete

Dive site: Bali (north side)

Depth: 0m - 18m  
Visibility: 25m
Access: shore dive  
Level: Beginners +  
Description: For our NIGHT DIVE adventures we visit the seaside resort of Bali, it’s located in a large gulf, 30km east of Rethymno. Bali has four beaches, which are formed in sandy coves with nice clear waters. The beaches are almost always calm, since the direction of Bali is western. Karavostasis is the last beach you meet and where we start our night dives from. It is the most beautiful beach of the area. It is much smaller than the other bays, which makes it perfect for our night dives. Plenty nocturnal marine life to be explored, very common to meet seahorses, octopuses, moray eels and many more. 

Depending on the daily weather conditions we will choose a location for the best diving conditions.


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