Useful info/ FAQs

Beside a great scuba diving or snorkel adventure, our dive center offers also free transfer service from your Hotel or accommodation area around Rethymno & Georgioupolis.
In case you don’t have transportation feel free to contact us to arrange pick up time and meeting point.
After completing your diving tour with us we also offer the transfer back to your Hotel.
Please keep in mind, if you have your own transportation you will be more flexible with time and direct arrival / depart from the dive site, an option that will skip you some time of your holidays.

Greek law doesn’t require a medical statement, like other countries of the EU.
All scuba divers will be given paper forms as soon as they arrive at our dive center. In case of any medical condition, steady medication, long term health issues (such as asthma, ear infections, heart condition, mental situation etc.) or in case of recent operation or hospitalization, a doctor’s permission is required to participate in any diving activity for your own safety.
In case of a medical condition, but no doctors statement, we reserve the right to refuse scuba diving, again for your own safety.

Our dive center located in Rethymno-Platanes, which is nearer to civilization, accepts both, cash & card ( Mastercard, Visa & Maestro (+3% Bank Fees).
Our second dive center which is located in Georgioupolis, right in front of Kalivaki beach, has super slow internet connection, therefore we do not accept or cannot accept cards. In case you forgot to bring cash we can stop at an ATM where you can withdrawal some cash.

We offer “big family” or group discounts for our divers, which mean if you are a group of min 5 divers, we offer a 10% discount.
In case you are a scuba diving club that organizes scuba diving holidays please contact us for details.

Evelin Dive Center offers coffee, Tea & water to all our diving guests.
For our certified divers, after completing their 1st dive from the boat, we offer fruits & water on the break, on board.
If we are diving in Damnoni (south coast of Rethymnon, off shore) we offer a sandwich & water on the break, on land.
When we are diving in Skinaria (south coast of Rethymnon, off shore) after completing both dives, we visit the tavern on the beach, where you get to choose between pasta Bolognese, omelet or a Greek salad & water. After Lunch the crazy/kind Tavern owner Pantelis shares with everyone (except drivers) some Cretan Raki & seasonal fruits. Then we all head back to the north side & your accommodation areas.
For our beginner divers & dive courses we do not offer lunch, so please feel free to bring some snacks, but no beer please.

Yes, there are sharks in the Mediterranean Sea, though they are never seen, and never come anywhere close to people or shore. They are there, but in ever-decreasing numbers, as they are being fished to extinction, like most of the marine life in the Mediterranean Sea.
The most dangerous “thing” you will see whilst Scuba diving here in Crete with us, will probably be yourself, if you neglect to mention a health issue you might have or not following the instructions.